fam·i·ly /ˈfam(ə)lē/ noun a group consisting of parents and children living together in a 

When a family is made, a seed is planted into the ground and brought up from the soil with love and care. When you first see it, you do not stop to wonder where it came from. It is a beauty in itself, and that’s how I would like to think of our Ohana.

One year ago, I made the decision to create a group that can come together and find refuge. With my three amazing co-admins by my side, I was able to recruit some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of befriending, or knowing, throughout the course of this cycle. Throughout the year, we face many downs, but just as many ups to balance it out. We were by each others sides when bad times were ahead, supported each other when we needed support, and created a family that we can never forget. I’ve seen how much we care for each other everyday, from the way we interact to the way we truly care. It’s an essence in the air, and it’s strong. It breathes the love and care that our Ohana sends to one another, and I can not be happier than I am now. I didn’t expect this roleplay to go far, but it truly exceeded my expectations. I gave you the ground and you shot for the stars, I gave you a group and you made a family that I love to call my own.

I cherish those days when I am able to log on and hear how much everyone is grateful for having one another. When someone is feeling down, especially myself, this is always a parachute to catch when you’re about to hit the ground. That parachute is made up of the people that have been here since the beginning, the middle, and the end. 

For a whole year, we have have stuck together as a family. Blood does not prove thicker than water in this case. We don’t need ancestry and family trees to prove that we are a family, we just are. Our goal was to make it a year, and we made it a year to remember… and I am more than grateful for everything you have all done for this roleplay.

Now, onto more less sentimental matters…

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Do you need any help on the main? It seems you can't get on a lot.

Now that I think about it, another co-admin may be a lot of help at the time! However, I would need to talk to Admin M about this, of course!

Hello, everyone! There are two days standing between our one year anniversary, and I can’t find my co-admin! However, what I would love to find are some lovely apps in the inbox, now that I’m done with my summer work! If you need anything, I’ll be on the main for a while. Okay?

Please Unfollow!

Good afternoon, RP beauties! I just came back from Virginia and am happy to share that we have one week before our one year anniversary! One whole week! Then my birthday is the day after that. but that doesn’t matter. I have an event in store for everyone, and i just need to run it by my wife, Admin Mouse. While we work those things out, you should definitely come join our family! We would love some more members to add to the Ohana!

Good morning, or afternoon, BTD members! I wanted to apologize for being so inactive here. For a long time, in all honesty, I lost a lot of muse when it came to this roleplay. I was in a very different setting, and it just felt like this roleplay was coming apart from me. However, somehow, I knew that I could lasso this roleplay back into my heart and bring it back to the tip top shape it deserves to be in, because we have some tip top people on board! So, I will be here more often from now on. Whether I’m working on bios, taking requests, or anything in between. I promise that I will be here for the Ohana that we made. Okay?

So, with that being said, I am going to be writing bios after I do an activity check. If there are any concerns that have to do with your activity, and you do not want to be unfollowed, please make sure you message the main!

Under the cut are the many amazing applicants we have accepted! Every single app was amazing to read, an honor to receive, and an amazing glimpse into what we will be seeing on our dashboard! Thank you for applying, and please try to send in your account in the next 48 hours. If there are any problems, do not hesitate to send us an ask.

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I really hate to be that person, but it's really offensive to have a white faceclaim be the child of a non-white character.

Would you mind letting us know which fc doesn’t fit?

Hello gorgeous! Didja’ miss me? Well I’m back from the land of cute Germans and delicious breads and I’m determined to finish up my bios as a ‘Thanks For Waiting On Me’ gift! I missed you guys sooooo much and I’m so happy to be home! I feel like a new person, so why not break out a brand spankin’ new mascot to match!? Stay Classy Degrassi, we’ve got work to do! 


is emily fergus open?

Emily Fergus is indeed open, my lovely anon, and we would love to see an app for her!